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It was years ago that the Australians announced they had discovered substance “P”. This is the beginning step in the inflammatory cascade. All illness and disease start with substance “P” and inflammatory reaction in the cell. This then turns into failed energy causing a loss of energy which over time makes the biomass or cell fall apart and the disease progresses from there. The Neuroscience and Medicine Journal published an article a few years ago on Alzheimer’s disease and the author noted that as the cells in the brain became inflamed, they lose their ability to make energy and waste products begin to accumulate.

In Alzheimer’s what the author noted was that the brain cells lost energy as they ran out of gas and amyloid protein started to accumulate in the cell which then leads to destruction. We have all been taught about the power house of the cell the mitochondria which takes ATP and turns this into energy. In the journal article the cells makes energy because the ability of melanin in cells to split water molecules so the cell can get the hydrogen. Hydrogen is the universes #1 element for making energy. The splitting of water molecules from hydrogen is something plants do all the time. It is called photosynthesis and now there is information to support that humans also do photosynthesis. Melanin acts like chlorophyll. Melanin absorbs light energy and with the use of enzymes it uses water to take a hydrogen atom to make energy. Melanin takes water and splits off hydrogen which is nature’s best antioxidants and the base for all energy production in humans. Hydrogen is the bases for glucose and ATP. When hydrogen is deficient, energy is lost.

So how does the body get access to hydrogen to prevent energy failure that leads to inflammation and disease? The answer is water. Human photosynthesis reaches its zenith in the mid-20s and decreases by 10% every decade until our Mid-fifties and it than goes into free falling. Things that prevent the body’s ability to break hydrogen from water are general anesthesia, antidepressants, and elevated iron levels. There are labs around the world now treating a number of patients with chronic disease by enhancing human photosynthesis. Splitting hydrogen from water is crucial in our bodies as we need both hydrogen and energy for optimal health.
Rather interesting thought.

John Young