As CASA, Pinellas County’s largest certified domestic violence support agency, prepared for October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month, HSN Cares worked behind the scenes at CASA’s shelter to create The First Impressions Boutique — a
clothing store stocked with HSN clothing, accessories, and under garments, that will provide survivors of domestic violence the hand up that they need to rebuild their lives and go back into the workforce.

“For many survivors of domestic violence, shopping in the HSN First Impressions Boutique will be the first clothing choice they are able to make separate from the control of an abuser,” said Lariana Forsythe, CASA CEO. “HSN Cares has been
a tremendous partner to CASA and we hope HSN’s impact can serve as an example for other community members to find unique and creative ways to get involved.”

HSN Cares is dedicated to empowering women and helping families in times of need locally, nationally and globally. Earlier this year HSN Cares offered the HSN Outlet and Emplorium store managers the opportunity to vote between three local
organizations that empower women and help families in times of need. The vote was unanimous in favor of CASA, Community Action Stops Abuse. The HSN Outlet and Emplorium stores began a month-long fundraiser that, coupled with a corporate donation, generated
in $50,000 in support of CASA.

“The First Impressions Boutique truly embodies the mission of HSN Cares, which is to empower women and help families in times of need,” said Andrea Masterson, HSN Cares. “The Boutique not only provided us with an opportunity to give back
to our local community, but it allowed us to leverage many of our talented employees.”

The HSN Cares relationship with CASA united our colleagues in support of a cause that we are all passionate about through the creation of HSN Cares First Impressions Boutique at CASA. The goal was to create a boutique with new clothing
donated by HSN for the women who are staying at the shelter to wear on interviews, ect., to ensure they have something new to wear that is appropriate for getting back into the workforce.

The ribbon cutting of the boutique took place on September 14th. The end result was the product of months of work by HSN employees.

From HSN employees coming together to first raise the funds that it would take to bring the boutique
to life, to the creative and sets teams working together to build out a beautiful boutique on site at CASA and the merchandising teams assorting a collection of items that residents can shop- at no cost to them- for apparel to wear to job interviews, it took
a village.