Chef Tony Bonanno is a native son from Largo, whose culinary career took him back and forth across the country to work with some of the finest chefs in America. His diverse and expansive cooking background has made him familiar with classic French techniques and given him a skill set in Mexican, Asian, Caribbean, French, Italian cuisines and even molecular gastronomy.

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Chef Tony brings Bascom’s a depth of flavor and excitement to our menu with the creative blending of many cultural elements that embrace seasonal ingredients and flavors. He is a fan of salt of course and his go to spices are often coriander, fennel, caraway, garlic and saffron. He enjoys experimenting with new ideas, ingredients, styles and trends that often are so successful, that they become our daily specials, and when very popular, a signature dish.

He has made our menu an exciting blend of old favorites with new twists and stunning specials that simply wow our guests. You can see many of them on our Facebook page, we post regularly since each dish is too beautiful not to share.