High Insulin Ask Doctor

I had a new patient recently come in to the clinic and she was very anxious and very depressed. Talking to her was difficult as she was rambling all thru the exam. In looking at her I noticed her enlarging abdomen and noted her dietary intake of high quality carbohydrates. I began to realize she probably had a large amount of insulin in her body. I later got the lab report back which confirmed I was correct. She had large amounts of insulin, not glucose as they are two different tests. Even though the center for disease control recommends all doctors check insulin, very few doctors test insulin levels on their patients because they don’t know what to do when the insulin is elevated. The normal range for insulin should be between 3-5.

I put my patient on a program to reduce the insulin and saw her back 8 weeks later and she was a completely different person. Yes, she lost some weight but the anxiety was gone, and the mental fog and depression were completely gone. She was a new person. We had a great office visit and she is well on her way to good health. So what did I do? I did one thing. I lowered her insulin level to between 4-5. You see insulin at small levels in the body is great but at elevated levels it tells the body to store fat and burn muscle and can also cause cancer to grow faster. For my above patient the insulin was binding her hormones and neurotransmitters so they could not be used by the brain. If dopamine is bound you will see elevated anxiety and with bound serotonin you will see more depression. We didn’t need any drugs for these conditions all we needed to do was drop the insulin levels so the transmitter can function.

As we have reviewed our cases here at the office I remember a patient who was very overweight with a lot of fatigue, hormonal issues and just not feeling well. We did start her on bioidentical hormones and she did ok but not that great with her symptoms. As she dropped her insulin than the hormones started to work better. All her symptoms improved. So how do you drop insulin levels? You can lower insulin several ways.  You can choose to do complete fasting for 7-10 days where you only take in water, or intermediate fasting where you eat only between 4-7 at night or increase your protein intake to 1 gram of protein every 2.2 pounds of body weight, never exceeding 100 grams of protein a day.

Insulin is a great hormone in small amounts. In large amounts it is deadly. Diabetics on insulin have a hard time if they contract cancer because cancer cells use insulin as a fertilizer. They grow well in insulin. So if a patient has elevated insulin in the body it can act as a pro cancer hormone.  Insulin can also depress the immune system. The labs say the normal insulin level is between 3-16 for optimum health it but I believe that it should be between 3-5 Remember to ask your doctor to check your insulin level not just your glucose level.