all in all the time

I grew up in a very small town in an odd little family with no bloodline: mom and her mother (orphans), dad (youngest of 13), my older sister and I (adopted), and my little sister (biological to my parents and profoundly disabled).

Though a disruption to the traditional, nuclear family, we were a cohesive group. Because of my special needs sister, we had a different view, especially when it came to social structures and basic human needs. My sister’s special needs demanded full-time, round the clock catering. I watched my parents sacrifice their social life to ensure her well-being. It didn’t stop there. Mom went on to become an advocate and a voice for those with special needs. She worked with the ARC and volunteered to various organizations that protected the rights of special needs people up to her death.

Mom was in fact, All In…All The Time. A fierce voice who continually fought to change the story for the better, mom was always delivering and 100% committed to the cause. She was recognized with awards and ongoing press however to her these were distractions. She didn’t want notoriety. She committed herself to the cause to give her daughter a better and just life.

We see people like mom every day. Maybe not spotlighted, they might be friends, neighbors, or businesses. Always delivering, these positive forces who forge a better story are here and we need to hear more about them.

Look at Calvin Tyler Jr. He dropped out of Morgan State in 1968 because he could not afford it. After working his way up the ladder, Calvin donated $20 million to the same institution he left in order to give students who could not afford to stay in college a fighting chance. His gift changed the narrative for not only the students, but the university as well.

And talk about All In…All The Time, look at Lindsay Sobel. This teenager continues to change an ongoing story started in 2017. Lindsay raises dignity awareness through collecting and donating gently used and new shoes to LA’s homeless and needy. To date, she’s delivered 30,000 pairs. The shoes…if she won’t wear them then they aren’t donated. Why? Because Lindsay is perpetuating a positive story of self-worth and dignity.

Then there’s LOLA, a feminine hygiene products company. LOLA donated over 6 million feminine reproductive and hygiene products to those in need. These gals are in the fight to remove the injustices of racial and social disparities contributing to reproductive inequity. They don’t stop there. They also focus on producing only eco-friendly products to deliver a smaller carbon footprint.

While these examples received some press, not all do. It should be commonplace for us to hear about those who deliver and write a better story through courage and commitment.

Just like my mom, someone who is All In…All The Time has a driving passion for better. And just like mom, these change-makers come from different backgrounds where age, race, gender, money, religion, education, birthright, location, and culture play no part. Yet, there is a single note that binds them. Just like mom, they are All In…All The Time.

Let’s share your story. Do you know a LOLA, Lindsay, or Calvin? Are you changing the story for good?

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P Baxter, CCO and Designer at Baxter Christenson inc.