Dealing with narcissistic loved ones, spouses or co-workers? One of the many warning signs of a narcissist abuser is someone that continually tries to make you think you are crazy or dumb so that they are able to justify their behavior. This manipulation is in hopes that no one will hear your cries for help as your word would be discredited. After all, who would listen to someone who is “crazy”? Control over you and separating you from your family, sanity and allies is their ultimate end goal.

Now you may ask, if you are not crazy, how can someone convince you that you are? This is easy as they have various tactics and have already targeted you and entered your circle of trust. If you saw a stranger in the street and they said, “Hey are you crazy?”. You would say, “No, of course I’m not!”. Narcissists target people whose trust they have already gained. This way your guard is down and you may not realize that you may be sleeping with the enemy. This can be a spouse, someone you work with or a friend that has no good intentions for you. Narcissists have a deep twisted desire to gain power and control over you.

Any behavior like pointing out commercials featuring people with mental illness and saying doesn’t that sound like you? Suggesting “something is wrong with you” or “you need medication” in response to you objecting to their abusive behavior. Attempting to tell you “everyone hates you” or “Everyone thinks you are crazy” even though clearly you know this is not the case. Pointing out flaws or joking about your weight or appearance. Uncontrollable desire to make embarrassing comments in front of loved ones to try to make them and you believe you are dumb, fat and crazy. This is in hopes that you or they will believe that you are incapable of functioning as a human being without their direction and help which is really controlled. You know the goal of anyone who is a good friend, spouse or loved one would try to help you not hurt you. Red flags, get out as soon and safely as you can.

Hands Across the Bay’s most important tip for this article is to watch for these phrases most often used by narcisstistic abusers.

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