My staff and I were talking the other day and we noticed we are seeing more and more patients coming in with some specific complaints such as persistent fatigue, shortness of breath, achy joints and muscles, sleep problems, depression, anxiety, brain fog, respiratory problems, even chest pain. The patients all are complaining that something is going on and are just not healthy. Now not always but for a large percent of these patients there has been either a severe case of COVID or possibly a number of COVID vaccines in the past. We are seeing that COVID 19 can attack any organ in the body. COVID 19 can cause havoc with the immune system. So, once a patient is exposed to COVID 19 they never seem to get rid of it.

You can look up an article on long COVID and there are many articles out there and as of right now there is no real treatment that solves the problem. We have been using high dose IV-C 25-50,000 mg given as an IV usually once a week for 1-2 months. These treatments usually lower the inflammatory response and energizes the immune system. Another treatment people have used is giving ozone into the blood- this is more of a German treatment. It is putting small concentration of ozone which is 3 atoms of oxygen into the blood which boosts the immune system hoping the body will be strong enough to stop the inflammation which makes the patient feel better.

Another treatment I have seen is the use of exosomes. Exosomes are taken from the umbilical cord after a live healthy birth. They are involved in cell to cell communication. They tell a cell what to do. We here at the clinic use them on autistic patients and brain injured patients. In some recent studies exosomes given to patients with long COVID had their memory improved, muscle and joint pain resolved, and all over wellness returned. Think of stem cell exosomes as telegrams that get delivered by the receiving cell in the body. They tell the receiving cell what to do to restore itself. They also modify the immune system. In a long COVID study patients given exosomes intravenously worked quickly to help restore the body. Some people notice results within hours to days. One treatment may do it but it depends on the severity of the condition. Don’t get discouraged there are treatments coming out that may offer a great chance of recovery. We are seeing a difference in our patients.