By Sarah Loughlin

It’s hard to nail down which celebrity started this trend, Kim Kardashian and Hailey Beiber come to mind, but women are swooning over engagement rings that feature a diamond delicately placed on a very thin band. Whether plain gold or encrusted with pave diamonds, clients are asking for barely there bands that emphasize the size of their center stone. And the funny thing is, now more than ever, we are seeing people invest in larger center diamonds. Instead of a half carat or three quarter carat center, many are aiming to be at least a carat and a quarter. The larger the better, with 2 carat and 3 carat being popular sizes. And come on, if you can afford it, women seem perfectly happy sporting diamonds that are 10 carats plus. After all, the rarity and beauty of a natural diamond is a worthy treasure to represent eternal love. This trend is simple and timeless in its essence, something to be enjoyed by the wearer for many years to come!