hands across the bay

Sounds funny I know, but what is more important than being able to love yourself and be happy with who you are? How can we love others or strive to be loved if we can not love ourselves? Here are some great tips!

1. Feel good about WHO you are. Every choice you make will either make you feel good about yourself or not so good.  You will be living in the body, with the name, with the person who you choose to be every day.  When you lay down to sleep at night you will either be happy with the choices and actions you took that day and how you treated people, or you will be unhappy, disappointed, or worse disgusted.  Make sure YOU like WHO you are. Sleep and peace will come along with the ability to be a loving partner to others!

2. No one is perfect! Don’t expect to be. However, every day you have a new dayto correct behaviors you don’t feel good about and honestly review yourself in areas you may have handled better.  We all evolve and grow to wiser, better human beings.  If you’re not growing and striving to be better you will be stagnant, unhappy and hard to love!

3. Hold your head up high! Watch your posture and your facial expressions! One thing you should be conscious of whether trying to attract love to your life friends or advancement in your career is your posture.  It matters how you present yourself.  All of this will come easier if you…LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.  You will wake up feeling good! Head high, shoulders back knowing you are striving to be the best person you can be. Your posture is a tell-tale sign to successful people and shows how you really are feeling and how happy and well adjusted you are. Feeling good shows! If you think no one will know if you do mean/unethical or bad things then you are wrong. Worst of all YOU will know, and it will show in your posture, your attitude, and in your spirit!

4. Attracting positivity and love into your life is as simple as the smile on your face and the love for yourself and others in your heart.  Ask yourself honestly, “would I want to be with me?” If you want to be loved? Be lovable.  If the answer is not, “YES! I’d want to be with me!” You need to work on loving and improving YOU until you are comfortable in your own skin first! Be YOUR own Valentine! Do something that will make you feel good about who YOU are!