covid19 vitamins

You all are probably sick of hearing or reading about COVID-19. I am getting to that point also. Every day there seems to be another new drug or vaccine possibly coming to the market soon and I hope we have a vaccine soon or a drug that will be that so called “miracle cure”. Unfortunately, with any new drug they may be very costly. In looking back over the last few months several things stand out to me.

If you are young and healthy then most likely COVID-19 will not be much of a problem for you. If you have any type of chronic illnesses be it hypertension, diabetes, paralysis, heart disease, any auto immune disease, dementia you pretty much name any illness or chronic condition or disease you are at high risk for COVID-19 infection and possibly death. It comes down to this, all the above conditions decrease the immune system. This is probably the #1 reason why the elderly are at risk as their immune system does not work as well. In looking at a study of countries affected by COVID-19 the study showed that the lower the vitamin D level the worse the COVID-19 outcome was. Spain and Italy had very low vitamin D levels in the elderly and they feel that was why they had a high death rate. Without adequate vitamin D the immune system has a hard time fighting off respiratory illnesses. One way to prove this is to take 50,000 units of vitamin D before bed if you feel a cold coming on. 90% of the time when you wake up you won’t remember you were fighting a cold as you will feel totally fine the next day.

In an Irish study the higher the vitamin D level was over 40 on the lab scale the less severe COVID-19 was. Have your doctor check your vitamin D level. I keep my patient’s vitamin D level around 80-100. Check with your doctor about vitamin D as it seems to turn the immune system on so it can fight a virus. If you have parathyroid disease, sarcoidosis, or a middle aged white woman you should check with your doctor to be sure your calcium level is in range.

Over half of my patients are vitamin D deficient. Just by increasing vitamin D the immune system repairs itself and the body can make energy easier. Why don’t you hear much about vitamin D and COVID-19? That is because vitamin D is cheap. There is no money to be made from selling vitamin D, I am learning if there is not money to be made treating a disease than according to the medical industry the disease really does not exist. I really like vitamin D because it is cheap and easy and it works!