As the holidays approach, many people will begin decorating their homes with poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe along with other seasonal favorites that add color for the festivities. While those are all great choices, there are some lesser-known options that may be fun to include in your holiday plant additions this year. Our location in Florida is perfect for several unique indoor or outdoor vegetation choices that can add lots of color and spread holiday cheer.

Red and White Christmas Cactus
This low-maintenance, colorful bloomer starts its flowering process when the days get shorter, and the air is cooler. The Christmas cactus comes in a variety of colors and can even be purchased with both red and white blooms for the holidays. This plant does not like full, direct sun locations or a full shade location. In nature, these plants can be found hanging from rock cliffs or tree branches in the rainforest. This plant does best in well-draining soil with frequent watering. Do not allow it to become waterlogged, make sure the soil drains or only water once soil becomes dry. Plant indoors or outdoors to add some holiday cheer.

This cool season annual can get up to 10 inches high with vibrant green or silver, heart-shaped or rounded leaves and gorgeous, twisting flowers that come in red, white and pinks. These flowers will benefit from a bright location without direct sunlight and to be watered when the soil dries out. These plants appreciate cooler weather but do not last in a prolonged freeze without protection and should do well outdoors throughout the winter in Florida but most likely would not be able to endure our rainy season. Great for adding whites and reds to a holiday planter or display for our winter months.

Candy Cane Sorrel
Looking to add some unique flair? Check out the white & red striped trumpet-shaped flowers of the Candy Cane Sorrel. The flowers close at nighttime resembling the holiday classic candy cane. This plant grows best in hardiness zones 7-9, depending on your exact location you may want to keep in a planter to bring indoors or move locations during different seasons. We are considered 10a for Pinellas County, but surrounding counties are zone 9. Allow the plant to dry out between waterings and fertilize occasionally for best results. These plants are typically purchased as bulbs, taking 4-6 weeks to bloom but can come back year after year with the right care and location.

There are several other wonderful options to create holiday plant displays, for instance try red & white geraniums with rosemary or order bulbs in November and have shining star amaryllis in full bloom. Try the jingle bells poinsettia that is red with splashes of white or a mixture of the traditional red & white, which can all be planted outdoors in Florida, sometimes lasting into the following winter. Including plants when decorating for the holidays can be lots of fun. You can use your plants to create Christmas bouquets, add to wreaths or as gifts for your loved ones. Give us a call if you are looking for holiday design ideas for a specific space and we can schedule an onsite consultation to discuss the best options available for your location.