Winter Tips Ad Feather Sound


For anyone who has recently moved to Florida from up North, it probably seems odd to have Winter Landscaping Tips, welcome to the best winters!

Winter is an excellent time to add another layer of mulch to flower beds, around trees & hedges.  Adding an extra layer of mulch is a great way to create warmth for the root systems by keeping heat in the ground.  The additional mulch is also helpful for retaining water during the dry months.  Additionally, mulch prohibits weed growth, acts as a natural insect repellent and as it breaks down, important nutrients are released into the soil.

Vulnerable or dead branches should be removed from trees, hedges, and bushes.  By selectively pruning during winter, the plants will be less likely to become diseased or stressed, resulting in more vibrant, healthy-looking plants in the spring.  Plants tend to grow slower during the winter months, this is a great time to remove weeds, pests, and invasive plants.  Clearing pathways and shaping your vegetation is another great winter project that you are sure to appreciate once spring is here.

Newly planted flowers and plants should be watered on a regular basis.  The winter is a drier period in Florida, plants that have not yet been established and have shallow roots will need to be watered on a more frequent basis.   Consider drought tolerant plants for areas that are difficult to water frequently.  Inspecting your irrigation to ensure it is working properly will help verify that your landscape will have sufficient water during the hotter spring and summer months.

Cold and frost is a rare occurrence in this area of Florida but if it’s expected, cover your plants with frost blankets, you can use sheets or old blankets if no other option is available.  Avoid using plastic to cover your plants as it can create condensation causing harm to your plants.

We hope these tips help keep your plants happy and healthy through winter, creating a thriving, gorgeous spring landscape for you to enjoy through the rest of the year.