19 years ago in May 2003, I bought a paper named The Feather Sound News,  formerly known  as the “Sounder”,  and I am told it was established in the 80’s by 2 Feather Sound Residents .

I had never worked in this industry prior to purchasing this publication.  I viewed this as an investment, but it was a risk purchase.   At that time the paper was only distributed in our beautiful Feather Sound Community.  Over time, we were able to expand the distribution into other residential and commercial locations.

We now distribute to 5 large residential communities; (Bardmoor, Bayou Club, Carillon, Feather Sound, and Seminole Lake CC Communities) and we are looking to expand distribution again.

I want to thank our residents who are always kind, supportive, and interested in positive stories. I must also thank the most loyal advertisers I have ever known or heard of.  Most of them have been marketing their  businesses with the Feather Sound News for 10, 15 and some more than 20 years.  Yes, this is a true fact!    Many advertisers were advertising with the Feather Sound News long before I purchased this publication.  Our Contributors are amazing.  They share their stories of education, expertise and hope for solving health and environmental and personal issues, just to name a few.

There are only 3 employees (including me) and that is the most I have had in 19 years Thank you to my 2 staff members, ( Andy, Graphics Design and Layout,  and Patty, Sales and Marketing)  for helping me along this journey of running  this  publication.

Our messaging is always the same, Respect Human Life, Respect Animal Life, and Respect the Environment that provides us a place to live our life!

Thank you kindly,