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Most of us have trees on our property and want the best for them.  Whether we have Palm trees creating a tropical oasis or Oak Trees providing much needed shade from the hot Florida summers.  Choosing the proper tree care professional to help keep our trees happy and healthy can often get overlooked. These professionals are often referred to as arborists. It is the job of an arborist to stay up on ‘the cutting edge’ (pun intended) of tree care methods. Some things to take into consideration are:

  1. Knowing Our Landscape: Trees come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties. It is important to know the various types of trees and their habits in order to evaluate the proper care plan needed to ensure our trees remain safe and live long healthy lives.
  2. The Surrounding Landscape: The plants and fixtures in our yards can mean more to our trees’ health than we might initially realize. For example, having our turf come all the way up to the base of our trees can cause unintended problems like, competing with your turf for surface water. We might say that the turf is “stealing” the water from the trees.

Having specific trees in our yards can potentially stop other trees from growing. Australian pines, for example, release a chemical that inhibits other trees from growing too close to their roots. It could be looked at as tree chemical warfare.

  1. Our Trees and Our Homes: One thing we often overlook is the value that trees can add to our neighborhoods, both aesthetic and monetary. Live Oaks (Quercus virginiana), provide a grandeur presence with their sought-after shade from the Florida sun.  Live Oaks are one of the more common trees that can increase the market value of our homes.  To maintain any value added from our trees we need to ensure they are properly cared for by experienced, educated tree care professionals.
  2. Safety First: Trees that are improperly taken care of might not look unwell but may have symptoms of underlying health conditions that can be cause for concern. Cutting a limb too close to the trunk can cause damage that prevents the tree from sealing over the wound. Not cutting a limb close enough (leaving a long stub) can weaken the limb and cause an opening for insects and infections such as Ganoderma Fungus.  Ganoderma is contagious and is often spread by improperly sterilized equipment and landscaping tools.

Much like our homes, trees become unsafe when they are structurally compromised. Hiring someone to do it right the first time can prevent damage and a large portion of these unwanted health conditions.

Do Your Trees Represent YOU?

Having an arborist swing by (arborist joke) would be a great way for you to learn more about how to maintain the trees in your beautiful neighborhood. Pick wisely my neighbors, your trees’ wellbeing may very well depend on it.

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