The main purpose of your immune system is to protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Without it, they’d have free rein and you’d be constantly falling ill. Your immune system works by recognizing the difference between your body’s own cells and invading cells, allowing it to destroy any that could be potentially harmful.


This natural defense usually works well but there are many factors that can lead to a weakened immune system. In this article, I will discuss those factors and how to strengthen your immune system so you can make the most out of each day.



A healthy diet keeps your gut strong, which in turn helps keeps your immune system strong. A diet too high in sugar can weaken your immune system. I often recommend that my patients adopt the Mediterranean diet, which is also the best diet to keep your heart healthy.



Add these supplements to your diet to boost immunity.


  1. Vitamin C – for an immune response boost, to promote collagen synthesis, and to reduce inflammation


  1. Vitamin D – for an immune response boost, to aid osteoporosis prevention, and increase calcium absorption.


  1. Glutathione – to reduce inflammation and help toxin prevention.



With the prevalence of processed foods, many people are nutritionally-deficient even when they believe they are meeting the nutritional standards recommended by the FDA. The result of this can manifest as chronic fatigue, burnout, and even a weaker immune system.


To help you build your immune system and ensure you can get through the day, we offer personalized IV Nutrition Therapy that includes Vitamins C and D, and Glutathione. Other essential nutrients are also added depending on your needs.



Working out is one of the most efficient ways to boost your immunity since exercising can circulate white blood cells and antibodies more rapidly. Staying active is one of the best methods for lowering your stress hormones like cortisol, thus reducing the chances of getting ill.


The effects of exercise are directly related to your immune system’s ability to fight off infections. Sweating during exercise is an appropriate way to prevent viruses. A rise in body temperature helps to kill the germs present in their tracks.



One way to view our body’s immune system is as a computer that needs a break on occasion to avoid getting overheated. Sleep tends to reboot our immune system. During sleep deprivation, our body tends to produce the stress hormone, cortisol, which keeps you alert and awake. The release of the cortisol hormone suppresses the immune system.



This may sound obvious, but it is extremely important to reduce your stress because research has shown there is a strong association between mental health and immune health. Under chronic conditions of anxiety and chronic stress, the body tends to produce hormones that suppress the immune system. Simply put, stress makes us more likely to get sick due to proteins called cytokines being released in higher concentrations, which triggers inflammation.


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– Colin Chan, M.D