A heartwarming story from one of our readers at Big Man’s Moving Company.

lost wallet

Yesterday around 5 pm, 1 of our movers called to ask our help in locating his wallet.  It contained his social security card, ID, debit card, credit cards, $, etc. We asked him to retrace his steps throughout the day.  He left his home, went to work, got in our Big Man’s moving truck, stopped at Wawa for gas, moved a customer in and out of her home, dropped our truck off….. and then realized the wallet was missing.  He called the customer, Wawa, checked our truck, etc. Feeling defeated, he went home to tell his wife…

2 hours later, there was a heavy knock on his door: bang, bang, bang!  He looked out the peephole to see a man standing there and decided to open the door.  The man seemed to study his face, and then looked down at his hand, then looked back at his face, and exclaimed, “Yes, you’re the guy.” Apparently he was comparing our mover’s face with his drivers license picture….

A homeless man found the wallet at Wawa (left on the pump), and walked the ENTIRE way to his home to return the wallet (with everything still inside)!  Our mover took the $ out of his wallet and gave it to the homeless man as a “thank you.”

Honestly, I wish we could find this guy to give him a tip as well.

What a beautiful, heart warming story… and hopefully it teaches us to see the good in people. ❤