When I started my medical practice 18 years ago it was with the understanding that I would work to help a patient improve his or her life. Not to just get on a number of drugs that treat symptoms so the Doctor can try to slow your progress to death. A study done in the bay area several years ago showed the average 50-65 years old is on about 20 prescription drugs! So I decided instead of treating a complaint what if we got to the root of the illness.  It is our Genetic make-up that has a lot to do with whether we have certain illnesses. The environment in which we live in has a tremendous affect as to whether those genetic weaknesses will manifest as illnesses. The genes and the biochemistry (which has to do with the chemical processes and substances in our bodies). This is the basics of our physical being.

There are a number of test you can order that will look at your genetic makeup. We all have a gene mutation that does not necessarily work correctly. But the way God designed it there are alternate pathways in the body that if one gene is not functioning at 100% other genes can step in to overcome the defect. They key is knowing how to find other alternative pathways. That is where biochemistry comes in. There is a wonderful test out there called the Urine Organic Acid Test. This looks at all the chemical and chemical reactions going on in the body.  A course all doctors take in the first year of medical school. It is the study of all the chemical processes and substances that occur in a living organism and their function.

I was talking to the head of a large university trauma department which is also a very well-known medical institution. He told me “biochemistry” no one believes that. That is voodoo medicine. I asked him if it was then why do they teach voodoo biochemistry in medical school. He never answered. Over the years I have combined my genetic studies with biochemical studies and it is really amazing the diseases or problems that my patients would come in with years ago that I hated to treat because all I could offer is a pill to stop their complaining. Now I can often get to the root of the problem. Now I have to treat the condition because a lot of time they do get better. I use a test called Urine Organic Acid Test. I have seen a number of doctors order it. The patient often brings that test with them when I see them for the first time. I saw a patient’s urine organic test recently and I asked her what the doctor said about the results. He told her she is fine and there are no problems. There is no such thing as a perfect Urine Organic Acid Test. There is no such thing as a perfect human being.

For example, I had a lady who was losing her eyesight over 2 months. Two universities eye department could not really find anything to help her except join a support group and get a seeing eye dog. I looked at her genetic studies and she had a genetic defect in a gene that had to do with vision. I used basic chemistry to fix the problem and her vision is back. I had a patient with extreme chronic fatigue who went from walking to a wheelchair in 4 months. All the doctors he had seen said he was fine. In fact the lab testing could find nothing wrong. We wondered if her doctor maybe did the wrong test or did not read the test correctly. The test he ran said he is okay but the genetic tests said he had a big problem. We went with the genetic test identified the gene that was off and through basic voodoo biochemistry fixed it. 3 weeks later and no more wheelchair.

I had a 12 year old boy who was one of the top junior golfers in his country who could barely play because he was so weak and worn out. Genetically nothing too amazing in his family and his genes but biochemically what a mess. I fixed the biochemical problem and he is fine and playing great golf internationally. If you are just existing  and slowly falling apart health wise maybe you don’t need another pill but you need to know what is going on genetically and biochemically. Ask your doctor we all are taught genetic and biochemistry in medical school they would be glad to get to the root of the problem.