Ribbon Cutting Joeylye

Ribbon cutting on January 25th 2024

Not one, not two, but three Olympians gathered on January 25th at the Greater Seminole Area Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the beginning of year three – the first in Florida – for Joey Lye OLY LLC. Officially founded in January of 2022, this Seminole-based business exists to challenge mindset, share perspective, and inspire intentional growth. In other words, Joey is an executive coach who uses her expertise in Mindset, Leadership, and Team Culture to deliver a ten-week mastermind for C-Suite Executives who want to lead more authentically, gain confidence, and connect more deeply with their staff.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a sure fire way to accelerate success. Hence a group-coaching model and hence Joey immersing herself in social circles with high-performing individuals. The people and the messaging you engage with most becomes the narrative you embody.

Attendees of the Ribbon Cutting event stretched from Chamber employees, members, and board members, to Joey’s family, friends, and new acquaintances. Members of the Seminole Toastmasters club, which Joey recently joined, were also in attendance for the celebration which included champagne, fruit, and Crumbl Cookies. A video played in the background highlighting some of Joey’s previous projects and there, just below the video, sat Canada’s first ever Olympic medal in softball – a bronze medal made from recycled electronics and weighing enough to elicit comments from all who dared to pluck it from its case.

Masterclass Joey Lye

On-set of a Goal-Achieving Masterclass created by Joey in 2022.

Other highlights included the captivating presence of Randi Nash-Ortiz, the Chambers Executive Director who carries the ability to enhance any gathering, and a short speech by Joey following the swift slice of the ribbon.

Thanking all who attended was of high priority. Next on the list was an appreciation of the community as a whole – without the right environment, no entity will fully flourish. Lastly, great excitement for what’s to come from sharing her passions with the world. Attendees were then directed back inside to the food, drinks, and tokens of appreciation for showing up. Pain relieving balms from a partner company, Blue Sky CBD were up for grabs alongside branded pens and packets of seeds (which were included to remind everyone that it often takes time to see results from the daily work we are doing).

Joey Lye OLY LLC is a one-woman business set on changing the world one person at a time. In addition to executive group-coaching, Joey also works with departments, teams, and individuals in the three areas mentioned above – Mindset, Leadership, and Team Culture. Please explore http://www.joey-lye.com if you have an interest in learning more.

Logo Joey LyeA special shout out to the Small Business Development Centers throughout the country who have impacted businesses like Joey’s in a big way by providing free business consulting to small businesses. Likewise to the Chambers of Commerce who continue pouring into their respective communities day after day to help local businesses excel.