A safe place to heal

By Myla Shaffer

Ladybug Donkey Ladybug Goat Ladybug Goose

Ladybug farm is a safe place for animals in need. It is a place where animals can be loved by volunteers or adopted into families of their own. Ladybug farm has a variety of animals. They have peacocks all the way up to a cow. The most interesting part of this amazing place is that each and every animal has his or her own story. The cow in the picture was actually born in a freeze. His name is Tucker and he got frostbite causing his hoof to fall off. Now Ladybug Farm and Sanctuary is trying to get him a prosthetic. The goat in the picture on the right is Elvis. Elvis was not born on Ladybug Farm, like some of the goats on the farm. When Elvis was born, he broke his leg, and nobody knew. By the time they found out that he had a broken leg, he had already developed a bone infection. Because of this infection, they had to amputate his front right leg. The duck on the right is Lucy. Lucy was attacked by an alligator and was found with a heap of wounds.

Thankfully, she was treated at Citrus Park Animal

Hospital. She successfully recovered. Everyone at Ladybug Farm was extremely surprised that she survived.

Those are a few of the animals that live at Ladybug Farm and Sanctuary. You could be one of the loving families that some of these animals may go to. If you can’t adopt and animal, you can sponsor them instead. Volunteering is also an option; just being at the farm with these amazing animals is great. But none of this would be possible without Mrs. Kris. Mrs. Kris is the wonderful woman who started this farm. She started with just one goat whose name is Billy. The reason Mrs. Kris started the farm was because she couldn’t stand the fact that there were tons of animals that needed help. Thus began the Ladybug Farm and Sanctuary! Ladybug is a place where everyone is happy, and all the animals feel safe and secure.