Round the clock living and taking care of a loved one living with dementia will most likely unearth several absolutes.
At the very top of the list is routine—a steady, run-of -the-mill lifestyle. In fact, routine is probably good for everybody that is involved. It might be boring, but if you have short-term memory loss, it will soon become your greatest friend.

A habitual life will ease most nervousness and frustrations. While caring for my parents that were both diagnosed with dementia related diseases, I made a point of making sure they received their breakfast lunch and dinners at the same time every day. I even used a particular small plate for their pills every morning and evening. When I did not, I would hear claims of “These aren’t the pills I took yesterday.”
I even kept the silverware in a simple pattern on the table. A pasta dish that did not require a knife still had one placed next to it. Always keep things in patterns.

The same goes with their clothing: There is no reason for he or she needs to make too many choices; a specially when they first wake up in the day. Four or five outfits will get them through the week.

An enhancing young woman once told my dad how handsome he looks in this red shirt he was wearing. Well, red it was—almost an entire year I could not get him to wear a different color. I had to go out and by him five red polo shirts just to give me a break on laundry and keep him happy.
What most people do not realize is that a casual trip to the doctor can leave those living with dementia confused for days. Every couple of months may father and I would sit in the same waiting room. He would always turn to me and ask if we had ever been here before. By the time I had him home I could not even convince him he saw his doctor.

The next day or two, he would be completely out of sequence. The easier life is for him or her, the more pleasant yours will be.
I am speaking to you from 23-plus years of experience. “Keep things simple.” By attempting to make sure their lives are uncomplicated as possible and loving them and being their most forbearing friend. It will be all worth it overall. I promise.