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The chances are that if you are over 50 it will happen to you.  Studies show that nearly a third of the UK over 50s,  and in the US well over 50% lose their jobs.  Many more over 50s feel insecure and worry that they are the next ones for the scrapheap.

It’s stressful and depressing.

So what do you do if you suddenly find you’re losing your job at over 50 How do you survive until retirement without a job?

Here are 6 people who provide the ideas, answers, advice and help you’re looking for.  They will help you to repurpose your career, reinvent yourself and get you on track to that second act or encore job.

Marc Miller: how do you change jobs after age 50?

Marc shows how you can ‘repurpose’ your career by taking the skills you already have and identifying new fields to which you can transfer those skills.

He breaks down the task of changing jobs into manageable chunks.  Keeping one foot firmly on your existing ground, you ‘pivot’ towards your new job/career in small practical steps.

You’ll find Marc on his site,, on LinkedIn and on twitter: @careerpivot.  Try his podcasts too –

John Tarnoff: Can you start a second career in your 50s?

John gives you a new perspective on a second career. of one key paradigm – reinventing yourself –His book ‘Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50’ is a great source of inspiration.    You can find John on his site,, on LinkedIn and on twitter @johntarnoff.

Marci Alboher: How can you begin an encore career and make a difference?

Marci Alboher works with, an organization dedicated to tapping the talent of people over 50 as a force for good. is looking to change our culture by providing leadership through a network of encore champions.  The aim is to develop and cultivate new ways to engage encore talent in solving social problems. With a demographic bulge of older people and a relative shortage of youngsters, it’s time to pull the ‘active elderly’ back into the economy.

You can find Marci on the site:, on LinkedIn and on twitter: @heymarci.   Don’t forget to look for her course on LinkedIn.

Nancy Collamer: How can you work after retirement?

Nancy shows you how to create a semi-retirement.  She demonstrates how you can transform your passions into a new business or a job or channel your interests into a volunteering role, even if you are retired and in your 60s or older.

You can find Nancy on her site,, on LinkedIn and on twitter: @NancyCollamer.

Kerry Hannon: What do you do when losing your job over 5o?

Kerry Hannon has written a great article on the things to do or not to do when losing your job in the US.  Kerry offers advice on the topics of career transitions, personal finance, and retirement.   Her latest book,  Never Too Old to get Rich, is about creating your own job

You can find Kerry on her site,,  LinkedIn and on twitter @KerryHannon.


John Lees: How to get a job you love after 50

If you think you’re losing your job over 50, John has plenty of advice on how to get a new job or move into a different field. John helps you work out how to get from where you are now to a future that you’ll love – even if you don’t know what that different area of work is.

Here’s John’s site: and he’s on LinkedIn and twitter @JohnLeesCareers.


You are Never Too Old to Work

So it happened to you. Your worst fears materialized and now you’re losing your job at over 50. Or maybe you realized that you couldn’t hack another 10 years or more of the same old grind.

Make your action plan and put it into action, one small step at a time.

You are NEVER TOO OLD to work if you have the energy and application.