Here we are in the time of year when cold and flu seems to affect most of us. There are billions of people in the world and everyone seems to have their “go to” treatment when it comes to colds and the flu. So, I thought I would inform you of some of my “go to” remedies. These come from my experience in my practice, things I have heard from my patients and even my wife. The first thing is to stay away from sugar as best as you can because sugar depresses the immune system. The number one day for most sick absence’s in public schools is November 1st, the day after Halloween. Recently I took in a lot of Christmas sweets and within a day I felt like I was coming down with the flu. I decided to fast for 24 hours to burn the sugar out of my body and I did start to feel better. The fact that I fasted and felt better may not be much of a scientific study but studies do show sugar decreases the immune system.

The second remedy is to jump start the immune system. Myself and a lot of my patients when they feel a cold or flu coming on take about 50,000 units of vitamin d at bedtime and usually the next day, we are feeling very good. That can be done by taking liquid vitamin d drops by mouth or we also offer vitamin d injections at the clinic to patients which has 100,000 units of vitamin d and wow does that work fast! I learned this from Professor Michael Holick of Harvard University. He wrote the groundbreaking book the vitamin D solution. Be sure to check with your doctor to see if it is okay for you to take large doses of vitamin d. The third remedy is vitamin c. When the body is under stress like fighting an illness, it uses a lot of vitamin c. I tell my patients to take enough vitamin c so you have loose but formed stools. I take about 5-7 grams of vitamin c a day. If I take more, I can get diarrhea. When I am sick, I have taken 20-30 grams a day of vitamin c before getting loose stools and this is because my body is using all the vitamin c to help the body fight off the sickness. Vitamin c can be taken in powder form or by making an appointment to come get a Myers cocktail 25 gram IV that offers high dose of vitamin c along with some other great vitamins.

The fourth remedy has to do with ozone gas. The Germans use ozone gas to fight infection. Ozone is 3 atoms of oxygen. You may have smelled ozone when air has a fresh smell after a lightning storm or when waves break on the beach ozone gas is made. No disease carrying virus, mold, or bacteria can live in the presence of ozone. You can buy ozonated olive or coconut oil that is infused with ozone gas. So, we sell these oils that have ozone infused into them. Take a Q-Tip and put it in the ozonated oil and coat the nostril with the oil in the morning and at bedtime. That ozone will diffuse into the sinuses and throat and help kill the harmful organisms. I try to do it everyday during the cold and flu season. Remember it is through the nasal passages that a lot of the cold and flu organisms enter the body. That’s just a few tips that I find work for me and my patients that are cheap and easy.