Years ago a patient came to me wanting me to prescribe high dose steroids, testosterone, and human growth hormone. I asked why and he said he is working out and wanting to get really big muscles. I did not prescribe it and that was the last of it, as I felt he was really abusing his body by doing this. Then I came across an article by The National Institute of Health on the use of low dose human growth hormone (HGH) for cancer. They took 800 males ages 45-65 and followed them for 20 years. They all had to be free of cancer at the time the study started. They did let one person into the study who had elevated PSA and tissue diagnosed prostate cancer. At the end of the study not a single person had developed any cancer and no cancer cells could be detected for the patient with prostate cancer. They knew that HGH has a property of apoptosis. This means that the HGH causes cancer cells to die. This intrigued me to look at other uses of low dose HGH. HGH has the property of lipocytes which breaks down fat. We put a patient on it and 3 weeks later he told me that his wife thinks that he is doing some special workout because she said he looked very chiseled and that there was no love handles or fat in his body. He told her all he was doing was low dose HGH injections.  Because, of the property of lipocytes there are a number of scientific articles showing how HGH does open up blocked coronary and carotid artery without statins or surgery. In the patient with severe heart failure it turned them around in 2-4 months because the low dose level HGH repaired damaged heart muscles. The patient will see their ejection fraction increase and they can live a normal life.

There are medical centers in the U.S. that are using HGH injections along with a small amount of testosterone injections into the spinal disc that is bulging or collapsed. What HGH and testosterone does is it causes the disc to return to normal size and correct itself. So a lot of patients with chronic back pain are very very happy. You can imagine as I am reading all of this and I thought what about me? So, I began treating myself. I put a very small amount of HGH into my right distal index finger joint that was filled with arthritis and was very sore constantly. Let me just say that was about a month ago and I was a very happy patient. They are using low dose HGH to regrow cartilage, to reverse kidney failure, and to reverse dementia. Just google most any problem and HGH and you can see what it effects on the body.

Talk to your doctor for some of these conditions that never seem to get better because maybe HGH can be beneficial. Remember I am not called Dr Young for nothing!