Cancer is a word that scares everyone.

In talking to my patients who have been diagnosed with cancer one of the first things they do is go to the internet or talk to friends who may or may not have had cancer. Looking for what they could take to cure their cancer. You read so much you start to go crazy. Things like mistletoe stops cancer, turmeric cured my cancer, etc. Did you know that there is a test out there that takes your blood and from that blood they can grow your cancer cells out for any cancer except brain or skin cancer and they can test the cancer cells to see what herb or natural substance will kill your cancer cells? They can tell if your cells have a thick protein coating which make them more resistant to chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

I had a patient recently bring me some herb that he read kills any cancer cells. We sent it to the lab and they tested it on his cancer cells and it did nothing. So, he did not waste time on that so called cancer cure. I had a lady do this test recently and of the 2 chemo drugs she was on, her cancer cells were completely resistant to one of them.  This was a drug that had a lot of cardiac side effects. Yet the oncologist continued to use it because it was part of their protocol.

This test also gives you the number of cancer cells the patient has per 1ml of blood. Less than 3 is good and the higher the number gets the worse it is. A lady I was treating was getting her blood checked every 12 months and her cancer was decreasing when all of the sudden the cancer cell number count stopped dropping. We told the patient and she called her oncologist who did another biopsy of the breast and sure enough the cancer had changed genetically and was resistant to therapy. We were able to repeat the test and treat her cancer more naturally and with good success. This test can give us important information way before the cancer center picks up the change in a cancer.

This treatment also works with lymes disease, EBV, CMV infection, most all typed of viruses or parasites. Cancer treatments are really changing now days. For years it was chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Now we are doing more immune therapy, where you take a cancer patients T cells which are a big part of the immune system and grow them out and super change them to reinfuse back with the patient and let those super charged T cells go after the cancer cells in the body. This is what they should have done years ago when the first cancer cells showed up in the body. You remake the immune system. This treatment is not near as hard on the body as chemo and not as toxic. Your immune system does the work. Unfortunately, a number of institutions in the Tampa Bay area will only do Car-T treatment if you have failed 2 rounds of chemo. As a patient of mine called me a while ago and said the 2 rounds of chemo did nothing to stop his cancer. So, the next week he would start Car-T. Unfortunately, he died a few days after our phone call and before he could start his immune therapy.

It is sad that the cancer center won’t start with Car-T first or look at alternative treatment that have good success. I wonder why? Oh yes, the money is in the protocol. Which are not immune based or natural based. In doing these treatment at our office we and the patients have been pleased with the results. Talk to your oncologist as he too can treat this way!