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The Majeed Discovery Garden is a free and accessible children’s garden, located inside the Florida Botanical Gardens— a public, Pinellas County park.

The 2+ acres site is located along McKay Creek with 500 linear feet of frontage. It is also adjacent to 1+ acre of wetland and native plant buffer on the east and southern boundaries of the Garden, and includes a pond area for additional exploration of aquatic ecosystems.

The inclusion of a children’s garden within the Florida Botanical Gardens allows its visitors to focus on the care and nurture of plants and animals as they interact in creative spaces designed to stimulate all five senses.

The Majeed Discovery Garden is a place for hands-on and experiential education in an outdoor setting, with a goal to connect children of all ages and abilities to nature.

“Studies have found that being in nature increases children’s experience of calm and peace, mental wellbeing, increased caring behaviors, improved social interaction with other children, decreased behavioral issues and improved resilience” (Woodgate, R. L., Skarlato, O., (2015).

Scroll down to view the unique features of the Majeed Discovery Garden.

  • Bamboo Bridge A playful, explorative experience through an existing tall-timber bamboo grove, the bridge gives access from big leaf trail to the music forest.
  • Pollinator Landing A multipurpose structure for climbing, with a stage setting for presentations and skits. A storage locker may contain dress-up clothing and puppets.
  • Roots n Shoots Adjacent to the Outdoor Classroom, this area includes raised beds for plantings, and all the tools needed to teach children the lifecycle of plants.
  • Imagination Blocks This feature will allow children to build their play space, encouraging learning, social development, movement, and above all fun.
  • Sensory Curtain These bamboo hanging curtains will line a short path for children to pass through for a fun and stimulating multi-sensory experience.
  • Music Forest A variety of life-size musical instruments, including a piano, cajon, and chimes will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
  • Water Pump An old-fashioned hand pump for children to utilize for plantings, during activities, to wet their hands, and connect to a time generations before them.
  • Trunk Jump A test of balance and strength for a challenging adventure of jumping and climbing.

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The Majeed Discovery Garden is a place for children to learn and explore, free to the public, and open to residents and visitors of Pinellas County. Further funding is required for general maintenance, programming, events, staffing requirements, and volunteer participation. Thank you for your support!


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