This past month there has been an influx of new patients. I like new patients because you never know what conditions they will bring to the table as we work to improve their health. Yet what has been very obvious to me this past month is that most of them tell me they eat healthy and they try to stay off prescription medications. I agree with all of that. So I ask them “what does eating healthy mean”. For many it means eating gluten free, organic fruits and vegetables, grain fed beef, range free chicken, and wild caught fish. For aches and pains it means taking turmeric or essiac tea for detoxification or cancer. But the more I deal with patients and break their health concerns down to the genetic level the more I see that what is one person’s elixir may be another person’s downfall. Penicillin has saved many peoples lives but if your body is so genetically designed that penicillin can cause serious reactions or death. There is no perfect drug for everyone and no diet is the perfect diet for everyone. Yes, eating as clean as possible is healthy and without pesticides but just because something is organic does not make it right for you and your body.

the perfect genetic diet                Recently, a patient came to me with cancer. He has been struggling with it for a while and is doing so called natural treatment and not getting better. So he asked me to look at him genetically to find out why he was not better. So we broke him down genetically. To do this I use the 23 and Me. They look at 29 key genes in the body and how they function. I have used it for years. There is also a new test called StrataGene which looks at 142 genes and how they function. While 23 and Me tells you if a gene may not be functioning, StrataGene tells me that and whether it works too fast or too slow and how to fix it. Both are good tests. I used StrataGene with him and found he has a SLC genetic defect. So all that healthy food he was eating was not getting absorbed. That folic acid in his vitamins was actually making it difficult to absorb nutrition in his food.

His energy was down so he was told by a doctor to take a methyl B12 shot and that did nothing because he had a TCN2 defect and even though he needed methyl B12 he would not make energy. He needed adenosyl hydroxy B12.He was told to be careful with vitamin D as it could be toxic yet he has a number of genes that were very slow functioning because they need elevated vitamin D. Everyone’s vitamin D needs are going to be different you can say I am taking enough. Enough vitamin D for who?

So as you can see there is no perfect food, vitamins, supplement out there. We are all unique. Check with your doctor if you are not getting better because maybe your genes are the problem?