The Shark Who Barked Image

Great book for our children and our grandchildren!

A popular children’s author has created a story book aimed at young children to entertain and teach them about the effect humans are having on our planet.

The Shark Who Barked, written by Jay Vincent, illustrated by Stew Wright and published by Mini Meze, tells the story a young boy called Ben and his dog, Ted, who discover a shark washed up on the beach, and start a journey which leads them to uncover the truth about the huge impact humans are having on the oceans. Encountering a blue whale who reveals a worrying trend of disappearing fish, a crab who is forced to use a plastic bottle for a shell and a giant squid, who implores Ben to spread the word about the threat they are under, the only question is whether time is running out for Ben, Ted and Bluey to save the oceans…

As we all grow more conscious of the importance of looking after our planet it’s becoming more and more important to teach our children to have compassion for all living creatures and to develop positive habits to help protect them.

The Shark Who Barked will take children on an engaging, underwater adventure whilst helping them understand the interconnected relationships between marine species, biodiversity, and the balance of the ocean ecosystem. Join Ben and Bluey the shark as they embark on their journey, making loveable, fishy friends along the way who will uncover the impact we have on the oceans.

The engaging storyline alongside Stew Wright’s colourful illustrations put a child-friendly spin on the hard-hitting issue of overfishing and plastic in the ocean. Although a simple storybook won’t solve the problem, the power of education could encourage the children of today to take action for the future of our planet.

The author and publisher are working closely with international wildlife charity Born Free to raise awareness about the vital conservation messages raised in the title. A percentage of profits from the sale of the book will be going to support the charity and its tireless work to prevent the exploitation and suffering of individual animals, living in captivity or in the wild. Since its inception Born Free has campaigned for a future where animals and people can co-exist and where threatened and endangered species are protected for generations to come.