Creative Clay Logo 2023What being an artist means to me: It’s wonderful.  I as well as all my other friends get this big and nice space where we can do literally, it all.  Whether it’s painting, drawing, mixed media, digital art which is my preferred medium. However, it wasn’t always that particular one that I was doing throughout my time at Creative Clay. When I started I used Sharpies and acrylic paint, but then I discovered our staff using Apple Pencils, and I was hooked when using one because I already have an iPad that I use daily, but I realized that I had to have one along with Procreate which I was gifted for my birthday by my parents.

Selling points: When I first sold something I wasn’t really surprised. I’ve had days where getting a check was a shocker to me, but I’ve been told from my mom that I have a line of artists in my blood. Getting checks are nice and all, it even puts a smile on my face, but doing this and not getting one I think is also good because I feel I’m working on humility. How you won’t always accomplish something, and that’s ok because you will get that chance again.

My artwork: In the beginning I drew eyeballs. It was something that stuck out to me because I like weird, odd, what’s out there and surreal, but since I’ve branched out. Thinking of different series of artwork that I can do which was the Creative Clay dogs as humans, the twelve signs of the zodiac and what I think they look like, mental illnesses as humans, etc. Then I went further and looked at Pinterest for and I found a supply of prompts and interesting ideas.

My music: I now mention my music. I think that I don’t have the best voice, but I have been told otherwise by my peers. There have been art market days where we do karaoke style music, and I take part in it because the positive feedback makes me feel good. I like when you have people who like what you do and want you to keep going. The first time that I sang at a market with our director, Emily, was the first one that I attended in 2022 of October. I was awkward at first because this was my first year there and obviously new surroundings. Over time I got in front of a microphone with Emily and I felt like myself for the first time. I will admit that I was a little off, but I feel like I’m gaining more confidence since Creative Clay has a professional in the performing arts room helping me along.

Ivy’s recent exhibitions include:

Good Folk Gallery bi-monthly exhibits through the present

The Performing Arts at The Mahaffey Theater 2022

Iconic Landmarks SFA 2022

The Dali Museum Store notecards 2022, (2 notecards published)

Women in Art History, GFG 2023

Ghost Stories, at Florida CraftArt 2023

Ivy was born and raised in St Petersburg and has been attending Creative Clay since October 2021. She enjoys a variety of mediums, including digital art, Sharpie drawing, painting, and poetry. Ivy’s art is inspired by “whatever comes to mind”, as well as her favorite artist Salvador Dali. Two of Ivy’s Dali-inspired paintings were selected for the Dali Museum Store notecards. Her work can be seen at Creative Clay’s Good Folk Gallery.

Creative Clay’s mission is to help people with disabilities achieve full and inclusive lives by providing expressive, educational, and vocational experiences in the arts.

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