It is always fun to read about how drug companies make a new drug and they get it approved for treatment for a condition like pulmonary hypertension and then after it has been on the market for a while you find out it causes erection in the penis meaning it treats erectile dysfunction. This is called an off label use of a drug. I am speaking of Viagra. There is another well-known drug advertised on TV that treats certain autoimmune conditions. By accident a group of doctors discovered that if they gave the drug in a very unique manner it could reverse the physical problems of a stroke such as blindness, dementia, inability to walk, and neuropathy. In the treatment of Parkinson’s, it can give a sense of balance and mental clarity. In certain genetic diseases like Down Syndrome it can make the mind work faster causing increased alertness, improved speech, and helps make the person retain information better.

My daughter Katherine is 9 years old and was born with Down Syndrome. We have really worked with her to help her to be healthy and looked for ways to raise her mental abilities. The health aspect has been easy. One thing we did was raise her Vitamin D level over 100 and she has never been so healthy. We have not needed to give her antibiotics for an illness since raising her vitamin D. It should be noted that some providers believe Vitamin D levels over 100 are toxic. This is a myth, per the physician’s head of the presidential commission on Vitamin D. Improving my daughter’s mental abilities has been more difficult. I was reading recently about a certain biological drug, and if given in a very unique way, it stops inflammation within minutes and it seems to last from months to years. The drug is usually only given once or twice. Looking at the side effects of the drug the only thing we could find was with its long term use. I.E. Taking this drug for years. Nothing about 1 or 2 doses. It’s kind of like taking steroids such as prednisone. Prednisone for 3 to 5 days to calm a rash is not a problem. Taking prednisone for years every day can cause tremendous weight gain and push a patient into diabetes. So we gave my daughter this biological drug. That evening she used words we never knew were in her vocabulary and she showed abstract thinking. It has been three months since her treatment and every day we see changes in her mentally. People have also noticed a change.

I had a patient who was abusing drugs. In talking to him he was very slow in his ability to talk and think. Knowing this drug has been shown to make a difference in Dementia I treated him. He told me after a few minutes his brain felt on fire. His speech sped up. His wife said you’re talking very fast but making complete sense. It has been 3 to 4 months now and he says he has never had more mental clarity in his life. The drug has made big differences in stroke patients within minutes to hours. A gentleman had a stroke 2 years ago and could not walk because of severe numbness in his right leg and right side of his body and could barely make a fist. An hour after receiving treatment he was able to walk and began to move his hand. It is exciting to see and learn about drugs we have been using for years, by knowing the drug properties we have been able to figure ways to use the drug for other disease conditions.

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