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5 Warning Signs of Narcissistic Abuse

5 Warning Signs of Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic abuse is aggressive, vengeful, and calculated. People who experience this type of abuse often feel isolated, confused, and unclear about what went wrong in the relationship. 

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Regular Vet Visits Keep Your Cat Healthy

Regular Vet Visits Keep Your Cat Healthy

While most pet owners bring their dog to their veterinarian for an annual checkup, some cat owners don’t visit veterinary offices as often, even though cats benefit from yearly checkups, too. Since many cats live indoors, people mistakenly believe that cats aren’t...

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Water Conservation during the Rainy Season

Water Conservation during the Rainy Season

Those who live in Florida know the drill for the hurricane season. Stock up on medications, gas, water and cash. Keep a three-day supply of everything you need handy in case the power goes out. Although water conservation is not part of our normal rainy season...

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So You Want to Be YOUNG

So You Want to Be YOUNG

Years ago a patient came to me wanting me to prescribe high dose steroids, testosterone, and human growth hormone. I asked why and he said he is working out and wanting to get really big muscles. I did not prescribe it and that was the last of it, as I felt he was...

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Boat Safely with your Dog

Boat Safely with your Dog

Whether you’ll be on a small skiff or a luxury pleasure craft, if you plan to take your dog aboard a boat, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:   Introduce your dog to the boat well before it’s time to board. If possible, let your dog explore the boat and...

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Sign, Plus Cosign, Equals a Risky Tangent

Sign, Plus Cosign, Equals a Risky Tangent

When someone is denied a loan, it is usually due to lack of credit history, poor credit history, or failure to meet the required credit criteria. Whatever the reason, the denial concludes: “You pose too great a risk of defaulting”. Upon denial, the lender might...

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