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How to Set Yourself Up for A Productive 2023

How to Set Yourself Up for A Productive 2023

Andrew Fennell, Contributor Former London recruiter, founder and director of StandOut CV The new year brings with it a chance to start afresh, take on new challenges and set yourself up for the year ahead. For many, this will mean getting ready to take the next step...

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You might be surprised to learn that sciatica isn’t a condition.  It is a description of symptoms caused by other conditions in your lower back.  You also might not care, because whatever it is, sciatica hurts! Sciatica is the name of the pain from when something,...

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The Essence of the Patient Remains

The Essence of the Patient Remains

The dread of failure is every caregiver’s nightmare. Try to relax and observe your loved one close. Learn as much as possible day-to-day. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Remember, every living with dementia responds differently in most instances. The original...

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Water Conservation during the Rainy Season

Water Conservation during the Rainy Season

Those who live in Florida know the drill for the hurricane season. Stock up on medications, gas, water and cash. Keep a three-day supply of everything you need handy in case the power goes out. Although water conservation is not part of our normal rainy season...

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Even Doctors Get it Wrong Sometimes

Even Doctors Get it Wrong Sometimes

Early in my medical career I was doing well and feeling comfortable in how I practiced medicine when I saw an AD in a journal. Doctors needed to work with The United Nation Border Relief Operation to help at the site 8 refugee camp on the Thai/ Cambodia border. So I...

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Boat Safely with your Dog

Boat Safely with your Dog

Whether you’ll be on a small skiff or a luxury pleasure craft, if you plan to take your dog aboard a boat, be sure to keep the following tips in mind:   Introduce your dog to the boat well before it’s time to board. If possible, let your dog explore the boat and...

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The False Security of a Revocable Trust

The False Security of a Revocable Trust

With a new year fast approaching, our list of year-end resolutions might include, “finally get around to doing that estate plan.” As we flip through the infomercials or accept an invitation to a local seminar, we decide that a revocable trust (often also referred to...

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